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In order to improve the quality of customer service and profit Billiton in line with customer satisfaction as the purpose, our company has established a number of strong technology, good service and high quality after-sales service team, in order to promptly resolve customer in the pre-sale various problems encountered after-sales, the company developed a special sound service workflow, the different problems caused by specific professional sector professionals in time, is part of the following work content service processes:
● Delivery: I provide professional technical engineer to the customer site installation, commissioning, and customer-related use of personnel to provide free patient training, use of personnel skilled operation until the client so far, and the details of this product maintenance and safety precautions.
● Warranty: product acceptance from the customer normal use the next day, counting the whole 12-month unconditional warranty.
● product acceptance from the customer normal use within three months of the date of the next day, I have someone to customers and stakeholders up call, understand customer usage and for the record, so that customers in the use of some of the problems encountered in the process can be obtained in a timely manner solve.
● product acceptance from the customer normal use the next date six months, professional and technical engineers come to visit clients to understand customers who use and listen to comments and suggestions using the staff of my company's products, the recording back to the company archival record, free of our products once maintenance.
● product acceptance from the customer normal use the next 11 months, counting, I have someone telephone interviews and the use of customer-related staff to understand product usage and record the record, inform product warranty period deadline.
● After the warranty period service: After the product warranty and lifetime maintenance, such as product warranty period has expired, damaged wearing parts, I have a professional technical engineers on-site service, spare parts cost only charge fees and related costs.
● aftermarket Response time: customers received telephone repair date, our technical staff will respond within two hours, and arrived at the scene within 24 hours (except in exceptional circumstances)
● Our product technology innovation in optimizing our system, the technical aspects of an upgrade, the original old customers can enjoy a free upgrade.
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