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Detailed Sole Flexing Tester correct method of operation

  First, the Sole folding testing machine operating procedures:
  1. Open the main power switch, and determine whether the voltage is normal.
  2. Taken with the insole, the upper portion of the sole is removed as a sample, the test sample is 3. Along the widest part of the sole drawing lines to find the center point of this line. Then notched knife parallel to this line, and as close to the center of the mouth to make a single cut. Full thickness notched blade should pass through the outer bottom and into the bottom or within the same layer. If there are several material soles, should do another cut mouth, but must avoid nicking the edge of the area in the inner sole of 15mm. Magnifying glass and calipers with test initial notched length.
  3. Turn on the tester power switch, adjust the test fixture in the middle folding position, that is, near the 90 ° position. Loosen the clamp SHCS, the prepared Shape turn sandwiched jig, fixture Tightening Allen screws. And cover the safety shield.
  4. According to customer requirements, equipment, number of bending and bending speed, press the Start button to start the test.
  5. After arrival trials, the device automatically shut down. Final length with a magnifying glass and calipers to measure the surface test measurements of notched specimens. Calculate the difference between the final length and initial nicking nicking length.
  6. Record test results.
  Second, Sole folding testing machine maintenance procedures:
  1. After each use of the instrument, first turn off the power, remove the device under test on the sample, and then use a clean, dry cloth to remove any dust on the instrument, stains, fully restored to normal state before use.
  2. Place the instrument ambient temperature should not be too high, relative humidity should not be too large.
  3. The instrument when not in regular use, should regularly clean the external one, and occasional electricity, avoid damp line, the occurrence of adverse.
  4. Bearing ministries to regularly add oil to extend the service life of equipment.
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