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Tensile testing machine with which classification?

  First, according to the degree of automation level can be divided into:
  1. Analog tensile testing machine: This traditional type of tensile testing machine because the measurement accuracy, low cost, has largely digital tensile testing machine eliminated. But in a small power range, is our common Rally machine, often a small factory for simple strength test products, because of its low price, or popular.
  2. Digital display tensile testing machine, also known as micro-type tensile testing machine: test data directly displayed on the LCD screen, the test project is relatively fixed, commonly used in the quality control of the plant.
  3. The computer system tensile testing machine: is the most common tensile testing machine, since the test data collected by the computer, and then through the calculation processing software program the user wants to get the final data, and can be printed out by way of a report. Commonly used in research institutes, testing agencies, new product development.
  Second, according to the control system can be divided into:
  1. The inverter system tensile testing machine: inverter motor control system, stretching, compression speed by inverter control.
  2. The tensile testing machine servo system: servo motor control system, stretching, compression and displacement speed control more accurate. Servo motor control system for the servo system, using intelligent feedback op, you can set the speed test, cycle test, programming, testing.
  3. Other drive mode tensile testing machine: a DC motor control, the driving mode of tensile testing machine because of the low price, is now being phased out.
  Third, according to industry and features can be divided into:
  1. Metal tensile testing machine: metal material tensile strength, elongation is small, we need to configure the metal punctuation extensometer.
  2. rubber tensile testing machine: rubber or elastomeric elongation is relatively large, need comes with large elongation means punctuation, and fixture design characteristics to be considered suitable for rubber, not slippery. It can be increased with O-ring fixture, the tire industry fitted with fixtures.
  3. Plastic tensile testing machine: tensile strength of plastic than rubber large elongation big and small, and often want to test the three point bending test.
  The textile tensile testing machine: the textile industry need to test fabric panel peel puncture, tear, stretch yarn and other tests, fixtures and special software.
  5. Paper tensile testing machine: paper need to test the tensile strength, ring crush strength, vertical pressure, platen, side compression, peel strength, fixtures more.
  6. Leather tensile testing machine: Leather need to test the tensile strength, tear strength, test project is relatively simple.
  Fourth, according to the test material points: metal materials and non-metallic materials jig jig;
  Fifth, according to test temperature points: room fixture, jig temperature, low temperature fixtures, high and low temperature fixtures;
  Sixth, according to zoning: Stretching jig, compression fixture, bending jig, cut fixtures, peeling jig, jig torn, sealing fixtures, flexural bending jig;
  Seven points according to the degree of automation: manual clamps, pneumatic clamps, electric fixture, hydraulic fixture.
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