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Rally often problems and solutions

  First, when Dongguan tensile testing machine loading, when the pointer fibrillation or go stop
  1, the clutch gear wear: in need of repair or replacement.
  2, friction disc wear leather washers or spring: the need to replace the leather washer or spring.
  3, joystick shift: Adjust the joystick to the alveolar with the good.
  Second, replace the pendulum mound pointer does not return to zero
  1, Dongguan tensile testing machine is not installed level: test machine with a spirit level to adjust the level.
  2, the pendulum is not vertical: A mound just hang. Adjust the balance mound to make vertical.
  Third, Dongguan Rally pendulum return too fast or too slow
  1, the buffer valve gear position improper placement: Adjust the cushion valve to the appropriate location.
  2, hydraulic oil viscosity is too low or too high: hydraulic oil viscosity is too low when the pendulum fall fast, slow down high viscosity. Replace the appropriate viscosity hydraulic oil.
  3, the buffer valve, tubing or hydraulic oil is dirty: Clean the cushion valve, tubing. Replacing the hydraulic oil.
  Fourth, Dongguan tensile testing machine pointer back to zero lag lazy or unstable
  1, the pointer bearing, spindle bearings rust or oil: Clean or replace the bearings.
  2, the gear lever or gear lever and gear deformation is not engaged: straightening gear lever or cleaning, repair gear, sheave and other transmission components.
  3, the buffer valve is dirty: Clean the cushion valve.
  Fifth, Dongguan Rally shows positive deviation value
  1, short arm loose blade: the blade tight prison.
  2, put lighter mound: Tell mound counterweight (to take into account the weight of A, B, C mound).
  Sixth, showing the value of the negative deviation is mainly because the frictional resistance between the various components is too large
  1, the pointer bearing, pendulum shaft bearings and friction force transmission member is too large: mainly to adjust, clean and load bearing transmission parts. Elimination of abnormal frictional resistance.
  2, the chuck, the follower pin spring plate drawing device tightness and frictional resistance: the adjustment of chuck, driven needle spring sheet tightness and drawing device components. Elimination of abnormal frictional resistance.
  3, the piston rod parts in contact with the pendulum is not flexible: adjustment of both phase site. Make it flexible.
  Seven, driven needle entrapment or shift
  1, the impact of the follower pin spring elastic sheet size or driven needle and dial caused friction size: Adjust the follower pin spring sheet driven stretch or needle and dial in to ask gap.
  2, the driven pin ends heavy lizard deviation: Adjust both ends of the weight to balance.
  Eight, showing the value of erratic deviation
  1, the gear lever, gear with oil, wear and tear or burr: the elimination of the gear lever, gear oil, glitch, identify the gear lever when the contact point of tolerance, and fix the gear lever, gear; if not eliminate errors. Replacing the gear lever, gear.
  2, tensile testing machine testing machine is not installed level: adjustment level.
  3, the gear lever bent: straightening or replacing the gear lever, adjust the wheel rolling grooves ask gap.
  Nine, computer software online tips box information is displayed after overload occurs.
  The solution is to check the computer and communications line tester is off; check online choose whether to select the correct sensor; check the most recent test or operation key
  The disk sensor is knocked over; whether to use the software before checking calibration problems or calibration function; check whether manually changed calibration value, additional information parameter value or hardware calibration.
  Ten, Dongguan test machine host power is off, you can not move up and down.
  The solution is to check that the access test machine power line is connected properly; check emergency stop switch is screwed from the state; check that the access test machine supply voltage is normal; if the insurance check the machine socket blown, remove the spare fuse can be installed.
  XI test machine host power supply is present but the device can not move up and down.
  The solution is to check whether the device can not move 15S (time) later, because the host needs a little self-test takes about 15S time; check the upper and lower limit whether to the right place, there are certain operating space; check access testing machine the power supply voltage is normal.
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