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Note the use of constant temperature and humidity testing machine

  1. In order to avoid the occurrence of temperature and humidity chamber Dongguan malfunction, please provide power within the rated voltage range.
  2. In order to prevent electric shock or humidity chamber Dongguan malfunction and failure, before the end of the installation and wiring, please do not turn on the power.
  3. This product is not explosion-proof products, please do not use the constant temperature and humidity in Dongguan, flammable or explosive gases bad environment.
  4. Instrument work, please try not to open the chamber door, open the high temperature may cause the operator to cause burns, open early field staff may have frostbite at low temperatures and can cause evaporator freeze, affect the cooling effect. If you must open, please do some protective work,
  5. Never disassemble, processing, alteration or repair of Dongguan constant temperature and humidity, or there will be an exception action, the risk of electric shock or fire.
  6. vents the body needs to keep them open, in order to avoid failure, abnormal movements, reduced life and fire.
  If you find the machine is damaged or deformed, do not use 7 of the box.
  8. Be careful not to let the dust machine, thread, iron or other things into the installation settings, otherwise malfunction or failure may occur.
  9. The wiring must be correct, it must be grounded. Improper grounding may cause electric shock, malfunction accident, the display is not normal or larger measuring errors.
  10. The regular inspection terminal screws and holder, do not use in case of loosening.
  11. During instrument operation, the power supply into the power terminal cover plate must be installed in the terminal to prevent electric shock.
  12. Before the meter in operation, modify settings, signal output, start, stop and other operations, should fully consider the safety, wrong operation will work in equipment damage or malfunction.
  13. Use a dry cloth to wipe the instrument, do not use alcohol, gasoline or other organic solvents, do not put the water splashed on the meter, if the meter is immersed in water, please stop using it immediately, otherwise there is leakage, the risk of electric shock or fire.
  14. The instrument has a certain internal parts lifetime, for the continued safe use of the instrument, perform maintenance and repair work on a regular basis. When disposing of the product, according to industrial waste.
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