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How to maintain constant temperature and humidity chamber?

  Temperature and humidity chamber in the electronics industry, national defense science and technology, chemical annihilator, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and other fields have been widely used, the production of temperature and humidity chamber leading international German perfect design.
  So how daily temperature and humidity chamber for maintenance, cleaning and maintenance it in?
  1. cabinets outside temperature and humidity chamber cleaning and maintenance
  (1) temperature and humidity chamber in operation should be preceded by internal impurities removed.
  (2) distribution room be cleaned at least once a year
  Or more, can take advantage of a vacuum cleaner to clean indoor dust can be sucked.
  (3) external enclosure shall be cleaned once a year or more, first with soapy water to wipe cleaning.
  2. Check the temperature and humidity of the storage chamber humidifier maintenance and should be replaced within the humidifier once a month to ensure that clean water humidifying water tray should be cleaned every month to ensure smooth flow of water.
  3. Check the temperature and humidity chamber temperature and humidity chamber over-temperature protection operation, overtemperature protection set maximum value plus 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. When the temperature is raised to the set point of the test chamber over-temperature protection, electrical heaters stop, "OVERHEAT" over-temperature warning light is on but the fan is still running, if the long-term operation and unattended, be sure to really check before operation overtemperature protection, if set properly [wet bulb overtemperature protection device of the set 120 ℃].
  4. Clear dust, temperature and humidity chamber condenser condenser should be regularly monthly maintenance, use a vacuum cleaner will be attached to the dust on the condenser cooling mesh suction or high-pressure air spray remove dust.
  5. Replace the wet-bulb temperature and humidity chamber test cloth when the test surface is not clean cloth or harden, or after the finish temperature control, temperature and humidity continue to do before the ball must be replaced degree control test cloth. Test cloth for about three months to replace one, use a clean cloth to wipe the replacement body temperature, should be replaced with a new test clean cloth.
  6. Check the wet-bulb temperature and humidity chamber and adjust the water level of the water tube water level is not too high, so that the water overflow water cylinder or low absorbent cloth wet ball test does not normally affect the accuracy of the wet ball to keep the water level about six minute full. Adjust the water level of the cylinder, adjustable water level box.
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