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Overview of test methods universal testing machine

  Universal testing machine, also known as universal testing machine or electronic testing machine. Independent servo loading system, high-precision broadband electro-hydraulic servo valve to ensure system high precision high efficiency, low noise, fast response; with independent hydraulic clamping system to ensure low noise and smooth operation, and during the test specimen is firmly clamped, It does not slip. Universal material testing machine is controlled by computer all-digital broadband electro-hydraulic servo valves, hydraulic cylinders driving precision, computer control system of the test force, displacement, deformation of a variety of modes of automatic control, complete specimen tensile, compression, anti- bend test.
  Inspection methods for universal testing machine, according to the test machine was seized force value range, the standard tensile specimens corresponding values ??of clamping force on the test machine, press the speed GB / T228-2002 standard makes the standard tensile testing machine test like stretching, when the standard tensile specimens in tension or paste extensometer strain gauges on their tops, so the standard tensile testing machine tensile specimens continue to be stretched, extensometer or strain gauge to standard tensile test like elongation is displayed, which use Hooke's law, the force with the test machine dial force values ??are compared according to tensile elongation of the standard in terms of sample to determine the accuracy of the testing machine. This method greatly simplifies the process of verification of the operation, the daily verification tester original tension brought great convenience and standardization.
  Verification method of universal testing machine, characterized in that the first to be seized in accordance with section tensile testing machine force value, selection criteria tensile specimens, tensile strength standard sample interval is the full-scale force value of 60% Choose between 90% and standard tensile specimen clamping on a tensile testing machine, according to the speed of GB / T228-2002 standards for tensile testing machine so that the standard tensile specimens were stretched, when the pointer slightly tensile testing machine swing Immediately stop when stretched, that standard tensile specimens in tension, this time on a standard tensile specimen upload or paste extensometer strain gauge, according to the speed of GB / T228-2002 standards for tensile testing machine to continue to make standard Tensile specimens were stretched, extensometer or strain gauge to standard tensile elongation of the specimen is displayed, according to Hooke's law, the elongation of the tension in terms of value, and then with a tensile testing machine with a standard dial tensile test like the same force value points compared to value ratio based on the difference to determine the status of the testing machine technology and precision
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