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How to choose an electronic universal testing machine?

  First, the range of applications
  Electronic universal testing machine, tensile performance are widely used in testing various metals, non-metallic and composite materials, such as wood, plastic molding, wire and cable, paper, film, rubber, pharmaceutical, food packaging materials, fabrics and so on. At the same time it can be customized test data processing software and test aids in accordance with domestic and international standards provided by the user. Digital display electronic universal testing machine is suitable for users just to force values, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data, such as the requirement to take more complex parameters, computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine is a better choice.
  Second, the use of performance
  Electronic universal testing machine, no oil source, so cleaner, use and maintenance more convenient; it's the test speed range can be adjusted, the test speed of up to 500mm, stroke test may need to be more flexible; load high precision, some even reach; small size, light weight, space and convenience with a corresponding increase of the material means to do mechanical testing, we can do more than one machine.
  Hydraulic universal testing machine, the restricted flow of oil sources, low test speed. Manual hydraulic universal testing machine, the operation is more simple, cheap, but low precision control; electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, the performance of digital door electronic universal testing machine compared to, in addition to a low speed, the control accuracy is not inferior; using a load sensor computer controlled servo universal testing machine, force value accuracy can reach about 0.5%, and the mechanics of materials at the bigger test tonnage, more reliable, more stable, more cost-effective.
  Electronic universal testing machine main servo motor as a power source, screw, wire mother as an execution unit, to achieve test machine moving beam speed control. On the drive control, there are two forms, timing belts and reducer; on the dynamometer electronic universal testing machine adopts load sensors.
Third, the structural characteristics of the
  Hydraulic universal testing machine mainly uses high-pressure hydraulic source for the power source, using manual valves, servo valves or proportional control valve as a control element. Common hydraulic universal testing machine can only be realized manually load, below the open-loop control system, influenced by the price factor,
Force sensors generally use hydraulic pressure sensor. The electro-hydraulic servo type universal testing machine is a servo valve or proportional valve as a control element to control, some domestic manufacturers also have been using high-precision load cell to measure force.
Fourth, in the price
The following electronic universal testing machine advantage. Hydraulic universal testing machine is mainly used for metal and nonmetal materials and parts, components, tension member, compression, bending and other mechanical properties test. Hydraulic universal testing machine is the mining industry, building materials, quality inspection center, water conservancy and hydropower, engineering, research institutes, universities ideal laboratory mechanical test equipment.
Hydraulic universal testing machine manual control for the mining industry of product testing, materials testing indicators; and electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, the higher demand for iron and steel, building materials and detection laboratory classes, research institutions and universities.
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