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Brief cold impact test machine and its maintenance method

  Hot and cold impact test machine is a metal, plastic, rubber, electronics and other materials industry the necessary test equipment for testing material structure or composite material, degree in an instant by the extremely high temperatures and extremely low temperature environment can tolerate continuous, able to detect chemical changes in the sample due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by the shortest or physical injury. Divided hatchback style and San Xiangshi, except that different test methods and internal structure.
  Hot and cold impact test machine for safety testing electronic vitality provide reliability testing, screening tests and other products, through this equipment test, can improve product reliability and quality control of products. High and low temperature impact test chamber is aerospace, automotive, home appliances, research and other fields necessary test equipment, assess and determine the electrical, electronics, automotive electronics, materials and other products, parameters and performance during the environmental impact of high and low temperature test after change , suitability for use, for schools, factories, military, and research position, and other units.
  In order to ensure the mechanical devices are often in good technical condition, ready to be put into operation, reduce downtime day, to improve the mechanical integrity of the rate of utilization, reduce mechanical wear and prolong machinery life and reduce mechanical operation and maintenance costs, ensure safety in production, must strengthen the Thermal Shock Test equipment maintenance work:
  Care must implement the principle of "both maintenance and repair, prevention first", do regular maintenance, mandatory, proper handling, maintenance and repair of the relationship, not allowed to use not only support, not only repair support;
  Each team must be mechanical maintenance procedures, maintenance categories do all kinds of mechanical maintenance work, without undue delay, in charge of special circumstances require special work after the approval deferred maintenance, but generally not more than half the prescribed maintenance intervals period;
  Hot and cold impact test machine maintenance machinery to ensure the quality, according to the provisions and requirements of the project one by one, can not leak insurance or can not be maintained. Maintenance projects, maintenance of quality and maintenance problems found should make records, newspaper professionals work in this sector;
  Maintenance personnel and maintenance department should be "three seized a cross (self-inspection, mutual inspection, full inspection and a handover qualified)", constantly sum up experience in maintenance, improve maintenance quality.
  Under the premise of maintenance, thermal shock test is performed as follows confidential and to meet the standards.
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