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Digital test machine functions and characteristics?

  Mainly used for metal, stretch of non-metallic materials, compression, bending and other mechanical properties test, increasing shear accompanied do shear test. The machine is equipped with computers, printers, electronic extensometer, optical encoder and general test software, Heng Wing tester can accurately determine the metal material tensile strength, yield strength, non-proportional extension strength, elongation, modulus of elasticity, etc. mechanical properties. The test results can query and print (force - displacement, force - deformation, stress - displacement, stress - deformation, force - time distortion - time) six kinds of curves and related test data, with the software self-test function, can self-diagnose, See software instructions. Is an ideal testing equipment and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities, engineering quality supervision station and other departments.
  Functions and Features
  1) using high-precision, fully digital speed control system and precision reducer, driving precision screw vice test, test speed to achieve a wide range of adjustment, the test process, low noise, smooth operation.
  2) Touch key operation, LCD display real-time display. Display interface can display test method selection interface, test parameter selection interface, test operation and results display and curve display interface, and convenient.
  3) When the specimen clamping beam speed of upward and downward adjustments, with overload protection and other functions.
  4) Optional computer interface, external computer for control and data storage testing process printing.
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