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Detailed test machine Common Faults and Solutions

  Troubleshooting: dial pointer sensitivity poor, have stopped halfway after unloading phenomenon, or frequent changes in the zero position. The causes of this phenomenon are manifold.
  1. gear lever pulley and rail excessive dust, rust. At this point you need to remove clean, plus a little timepiece oil.
  2. pointer rotating shaft dirty should be cleaned.
  3. The contact between the gear lever and gear lever tablet should loosen.
  4. The buffer back to the oil adverse circumstances, should be adjusted or cleaned. (Referring to detour some blockage)
  5. Force the belt off the piston or too loose (so that the piston can not uniform operation).
  6. piston friction force increases in the fuel tank or stuck phenomenon, the application of chromium oxide abrasive paste for research until normal.
  7. Raising the pendulum has in the course of obstacles, or pendulum shaft dirty or corroded, big changes in the pointer back to zero.
  Troubleshooting: When the applied load, and sometimes add less than the maximum load or unload in the loading process. Such failures occur frequently, and causes more.
  1. The oil viscosity is too low (feed while loading valve has been oil return pipe outflow). Generally use medium viscosity mineral oil, no water, acids and other compounds at room temperature does not decompose thickens, viscometer measurements are available when necessary. If the oil properly, makes valves and oil plug, and may cause vibration or pipeline leak. The best oil specification shall be required.
  2. The hydraulic system is a serious oil spill, oil spill systems generally appear in the buffer valve, return valve, delivery valve, pump and pipe connections, plus pad and tighten screws. If the seal is broken, it must be replaced with new open here. Gaskets should be made of copper or aluminum.
  3. The fuel tank insufficient. Loaded to a certain load, delivery valve return pipe have "pop", "pop" sound, and the oil less air bubbles. When the load is no longer rising, no oil return pipe outflow. Remedy: to test oil fuel tank, until you see the oil level reaches the sight glass half can.
  4. Set pump oil is not pressed on the pump body. So can only reach a certain load each load and the load can not rise again, sending oil return pipe no oil outflow valve. Remedy: fixing screw pump with a wrench to tighten the rear end. If you still have problems, then remove the oil collector, between the oil collector with the pump to increase washers.
  5. Working with the piston and the cylinder gap is too large, the gap spill too much, you can see from the oil spill and other exports. Its approach is to thicken the viscosity of the oil, if it can not solve the problem, after precision measurement, should be to replace the piston and cylinder manufacturing plant.
  6. The force of the piston and the cylinder gap large load when hit high tonnage, can be seen from the lower part of the load cylinder. Normally there is an intermittent drip drip or when you do not see high-tonnage, if a linear flow, described piston force should be replaced. While observing the oil spill, should pay attention to the oil spill and the cylinder connector plug leakage distinction, and not due to the wrong look and draw the wrong judgment.
  7. The oil feed valve piston and the piston sleeve spring soften or damage. So each load can be achieved essentially the same load, delivery valve noise, when the load is no longer rising, delivery valve fuel return pipe out great. It should be removed and ground piston and the piston sleeve, such as a serious injury of the spring should be replaced.
  8. Send the oil regulator valve spring stiffness lower cavity or throttling needle clogging. Mainly: every time you load only up to a certain load, when the load is no longer rising, the big oil return pipe. Remedy: Replace the appropriate regulator spring stiffness or cleaning dirt.
  9. damping delivery valve needle and the orifice gap is too small. Mainly: every time you load only up to a certain load, when the load is no longer rising, delivery valve fuel return pipe out great. Remedy: Remove the damping needle, the needle along the axial damping file with a file appropriate to the part.
  10. The oil pump drive belt loose, there is skidding. After loading to a load can rise again, sending oil return pipe no oil outflow valve, pump work without sound. Remedy: Loosen the motor mounting screws, adjust the position and the belt tension, then tighten the motor fixing screws. If the belt is too deformed, you have to replace the new belt.
  11. The plunger pump corrosion. Mainly: during loading, delivery valve oil return pipe is not continuous or fluctuate. When a load is no longer rising, no oil return pipe outflow. Remedy: Remove the plunger re-polishing.
  12. The test machine safety valve, when the maximum load is more than 3% to 5%, which could open automatically, ensure that the test machine will not overload too much damage, when the safety valve adjustment is not the time, or the valve tip and the hole closed lax will fight the pressure is not high, the adjustment method is to dismantle the safety valve adjustment screw, inspect parts for damage to be exchanged, excessive overload, the screw down spin, spin-up and vice versa.
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