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Drop test machine action and Precautions

  Drop test machine, drop height: 300-1500mm, designed to test the product packaging damage by the fall, and assess transportation impact resistance when handling the process. Using   double-column-oriented, can set the number of drops, stable and reliable, enabling edge, face, corner drop, to meet the GB / T4857.5-92, ISO2248-1972E. Drop test machine using photoelectric control, seven-speed can be set to drop height, but also the freedom to choose the drop height, drop release using electromagnetic control, enabling instant sample free fall of the edge of the packaging container, angle, plane drop test . Drop test machine category: arm drop test machine, drop test machine arms.
  The main column using a special custom-made high-quality steel, the cylindrical grinding, surface chrome, durable and will never rust
  Really finished surface, edge, corner drop test
  Electric reset, electric control and electric lifting devices drop, easy to use
  Guarantee freedom of secession pallets and packaging specimen to achieve free fall package specimens, shock and vibration is small, stable and reliable
  Configuring digital height indicator and height tracking using decoder, which can give accurate product drop height
  And the default drop height error does not exceed 2% or 10mm
  1, wiring: the power cord supplied with the access to the three-phase power and ground, the control box and shipped with test machine is also used;
  The cable connected by plug adapters situation, and try to run the rising / falling orders. The situation is running or descending key has run down the rise of the ascending key (appear if the test run, just the number of phases in the power supply of the exchange can be;
  2, the drop height adjustment:
  3, the measured object placed on the work surface, and then be secured by fixing bars;
  4. Press the key to the object rise up to the set height;
  5. Press the key to the work surface and instantly drop out of the object, the object made a free fall motion;
  6. Press the Reset key to return to work status table;
  7, if the repeat test, then repeat the steps above;
  8, after the test: Press the key to the work surface to reduce the operation to the lowest position off the power button.
  1. Each test is completed, the drop arm shall fall, so as not to fall for a long time to reset the spring tension arm
  Deformation, affect the test results, before each drop, please re-position of the motor can be stopped behind
  Falling bond;
  2. After the installation is complete the new machine to the plant, to be added to the slide rod at an appropriate low concentrations of oil, non-join
  High concentrations of anti-rust oil or seed oil and backlog with corrosive oil).
  3. If the oil at the excessive levels of dust a long time set the machine down to the lower part, wipe the finish before the machine
  Oil, then re-oiled machine;
  5. The test machine lift shaft and to be regularly lubricating the chain.
  6. The gear box oil change once every six months.
  7. Non-work should cut off all power to ensure clean lift shaft.
  8. Non-operating personnel shall be arbitrarily operate the machine
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