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Summarize sophisticated detection equipment development process

  Sophisticated detection equipment since the late 1990s China, has become an industry in rapid development of emerging industries. Due to sophisticated detection equipment industry is the application in the detection of industrial products, so in the domestic industrial production has been widely used.
  From sophisticated detection equipment to enter the domestic market began, and today we can sophisticated detection equipment in the course of development of the country is divided into three stages, which are simple projector stage, high-precision and high-end two-dimensional image measuring instrument coordinate measuring machine stage. Here we have these three phases for a simple interpretation.
  Simple projector: In order to meet the development needs of the market, providing the basis for the detection of development of modern industry in the 1990s, sophisticated detection equipment officially entered the Chinese domestic market, has become an emerging industry mainly to detect. Initially entering the domestic market, the development of sophisticated detection   equipment is not as we imagined so well, because it is after all an emerging industry, many of us have no contact, do not know how its future development.
  Precision dimensional image measuring instrument: With the continuous development of society, the level of domestic industry are also constantly upgrading, so simple projector has been unable to meet the needs of the market and the industry, in this case, the second element image measuring instrument became inevitable product development of the industry, it provides a solid foundation for complex testing of products.
  High-end coordinate measuring machine: the twenty-first century, more need to provide three-dimensional inspection products, so as to better serve the development of modern society, so the domestic companies on the basis of sophisticated detection second element imager on R & D Production of the coordinate measuring machine, in order to achieve the higher end of the   three-dimensional inspection tasks of the product.
  We can see from the trilogy of sophisticated detection equipment development, its history and development of each product or industry, are starting from simple, slowly toward the high-end product development, and ultimately achieve higher-end testing services. Thus, after the development of sophisticated detection equipment, in order to continue to meet market and customer needs, and will certainly launch more high-end sophisticated detection equipment.
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