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What issues should be considered optional Rally?

  1, should first consider the needs of the test material tension range.
  Rally different ranges, determine the use of different sensors, will determine the structure of the Rally, but this has little impact on prices (excluding door). For general flexible packaging manufacturer, tension in the range of 100 Newton had enough. Therefore also determines the use of single-arm it. And single-arm structure corresponding to the door structure, it is to adapt to the larger tension, like a tonne or more. So the basic need of flexible packaging manufacturers.
  2, the test stroke problems.
  According to need to test the performance of flexible packaging films and requirements, it can travel at 600-1500mm. Material elongation rate of more than 1000% 1000 or you can use the trip 1200mm.
  3, the standard configuration problems.
  Intelligent three basic configurations: host, microcomputer, and the printer, if the microcomputer strong function can be printed directly. It may also be equipped with an ordinary computer. With computers, you can perform complex data analysis, such as data editing, enlarged, adjust the form of a report, the statistical analysis group style. If equipped with a computer, manufacturers should be given to adding the corresponding control systems.
  4, the output result.
  Test results output can be set: maximum force, elongation, tensile strength, concentration elongation, elongation force set value, yield strength, elastic modulus, the maximum test force 8. It can be said that when the microcomputer operations, the most comprehensive results output. Some foreign manufacturers of products, which generally can output 8. Some domestic manufacturers can output 5-6, and some manufacturers can only output maximum force, average, minimum three.
  5, do a pilot project on.
  Rally flexible packaging requirements of a machine, that is based on the fixture with different, do stretching, compression, bending, tearing, cutting, 180 degree peel, 90 degree peel test. There are some high-end Rally In addition to these items, because of its high sensor accuracy (some reach 1/350000) you can also test the friction coefficient.
  6, product machinery main configurations:
  Drive, there are screw drive and rack drive, the former is expensive, for high precision, high repeatability test; the latter cheaper for low accuracy, low test repeatability. Screw, to pull the accuracy of measurement have a decisive role. General ball screw, trapezoidal screw, generally screw. Among them, the most accurate ball screw, but the performance of the play depends on computer servo system operation in order to play, the package price is also more expensive. Using the general screw and trapezoidal screw can achieve the required accuracy flexible packaging, namely 0.1-1% accuracy. Transmission, gear transmission and chain drive, the former is expensive, for high precision; the latter is cheaper for low accuracy. Sensor, the main cost is that life, photoelectric sensor is one of the more advanced technology, generally used more than one hundred thousand times.
  7, test speed.
  Some equipment market in 10 ~ 500 mm / min, some at 0.001 ~ 500 mm / min, the former general use common control system, low cost, affect the accuracy of the rough; servo system which uses expensive, high-precision, For flexible packaging business, the choice of servo system, speed range 1 ~ 500mm / min is sufficient, so will not affect the accuracy of prices within a reasonable range.
  8, the measurement accuracy.
  Accuracy issues, including force measurement accuracy, speed, accuracy, precision deformation, displacement accuracy. The precision can reach the highest value of plus or minus 0.5. But for the general manufacturers, up to 1% accuracy is sufficient. In addition, the force value resolution can reach almost 40 births Rally.
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